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  • Essential Metals Collection

    Our timeless and dainty necklaces are made with either yellow gold, rose gold, or sterling silver materials! Choose from 2mm or 3mm sized beads.

  • Custom Creations, Handmade to Order

    You deserve a custom experience and custom jewelry, which is why each one of our designs is crafted by hand specially for you! We are advocates of  self-expression through fashion, and are so grateful to provide you with options that complement your individual style and personality.

  • 14K Gold Filled Non-Tarnishing Beads

    Beads with B pieces are designed for everyday wear using the highest-quality materials. We create our jewels with your lifestyle in mind, so that you can shower, swim, and sweat in them without worrying about tarnishing or dullness!

  • Crystals, Pearls, Colors and More!

    Using quality 14 karat gold-filled, tarnish resistant beads and materials, each handcrafted piece is designed to complement and celebrate its wearer’s style. Custom creations feature colorful accent pearl beads in an exquisite array of hues!

  • Gifts for any Age!

    With all pieces being customizable Beads with B makes the perfect gift for all. From flower girl bracelets to Rosaries, message us for all your needs!