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Half Neutral Pearl/ Half 14K Gold Filled Bracelet

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Feeling torn between gold and colored beads? This is why we created our half and half bracelets–to give you the best of both! 

3mm/4mm beads: half gold, half color of your choice 

Bracelets are made with a sturdy elastic cord, making them comfortable to put on and remove (but we know you won’t want to take them off!) 

*All Beads with B pieces are designed for everyday wear using the highest-quality materials. We create our jewels with your lifestyle in mind, so that you can shower, swim, and sweat in them without worrying about tarnishing or dullness!

*Colored beads are made of Swarovski pearl and can also get wet, but please avoid contact with acetone or other abrasive materials, as this could lead to the colored coating rubbing off!